so i guess i gave myself food poisoning???

i have not eaten - bar like a few crisps this morning - for nearly 48 hours and yesterday i couldn’t even keep water down without feeling like i was going to throw up. general queasiness all day

and yeah i looked it up and all the symptoms i had were food poisoning

in summary i am never eating spaghetti bolonaise again

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Neuschwanstein Castle Schwangau, Germany

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tumblr have randomly changed the way likes are sorted?? as in i used to be able to just. type in /likes/pagenumber but now that won’t work and i usually reblog from my likes. there is no way i am scrolling down at least 200 pages to get to the new “unique url” that comes after

sorry tumblr we might have to break up if you don’t fix this

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so excited for ouat finale so excited so excited

less excited for how they’re going to resolve rumple’s faux pas (why did they have to reduce him to a plot device and reduce rumple and belle’s relationship to a plot device. let me tell yout hat isn’t okay) and rumple/belle because i feel kind of annoyed (read: angry) at the direction the writers took on that

for the time being i’m pretending it didn’t exist

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really struggling to see how anyone thought the clock system in lr was a good idea

time is a good addition, but the practicalities of it are far from it. minutes passing so quick is really jarring.

i’ve been told it feels less stressful later, but honestly, it should not stress me out enough to quit the game because i have no idea what to do for six hours because it gives you zero hints about where to proceed (and i’ve reset twice, because i ended up places i shouldn’t really be due to not being strong enough/locked in).i want to feel relaxed, not pressured, egh.

i’ve found speed walkthroughs as well as a normal walkthrough, but to have a walkthrough to enable myself to play? feels kinda ridiculous, i gotta say. :\ gonna give it a good read over though and come up with a plan of attack, maybe… or go back to ffx because i can lose myself it and not give myself insane headaches and not just feel really annoyed running across a screen.

what’s really disappointing about this is i’m enjoying the battle system now i’ve had the chance to try it a few times, but it really has no real benefit other than ep which can be used to relieve a little bit of stress.

when you find enough monsters anyway.

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This is my old blog (I’m now over at hollowmont.) And most of my followers know where I am now, so it’s a good time to make use of this for something else. As is, I think I’m going to use it for video game blather as I play through them, but we’ll see how it goes. I might use it for meta, such as with Assassin’s Creed branches. We will see.

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